Industrial Metal Test Magnets
Premium test magnets are one of the most valuable tools for those who work in scrap recycling yards, pawn, and jewelry shops. These professionals appreciate the value of such high-quality tools. In an effort to meet our client's needs, at Handy Magnets, we stock a broad range of industrial test magnets.

We are proud of our extensive inventory which includes a broad range of strength and casing material options and configurations. Our variety is considerable and includes magnets in a range of sizes for use with diverse materials. Determining which is the best for your needs is dependent upon both the materials with which you are working, the application of your work, and how portable your magnet needs to be.

Bigger is not always better. Our larger test magnets can help identify smaller amounts of ferrous content and allow you to work faster. That said, larger magnets are more cumbersome; thus, you lose portability and have to work more carefully. You must ensure that no accidental attraction to ferrous objects occurs and that fragile items and electronics are clear of your workspace.

Our products include, but are not limited to:

  • Key Chain Format Test Magnets: Available in 8 sizes, these powerful magnets are ideal for those working in the scrap metal recycling business as well as those evaluating precious metals.  They can also be used as retrievers. The smaller magnets in this line are ideal for portable use, as they are small enough and light enough to carry all the time (every day carry).
  • Test Magnets With Handles: Primarily used in gold and silver testing in pawn and jewelry stores and scrap metal recycling yards. These heavy-duty magnets contain an N52 grade neodymium insert and have a Delrin resin handle and metal magnet casing for durability.


Our high-quality test magnets are manufactured in the United States by the industry leader, Revolution Machines LLC. We invite you to browse our selection of industrial test metal magnets and purchase the perfect magnet for your applications.

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