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Scrap Metal Tips

More value is typically associated with fewer contaminants. Clean, separate and process your scrap metal to get the best possible price. Extra Tips:
  • Faucets made of brass aren't usually completely made of brass. Steel screws, plastic inserts, zinc castings, and other materials may be used. They will be compensated as dirty brass if left as is, which is a far lower price than clean brass.
  • Steel/iron liners and drains are common in stainless steel sinks. To get the best grade, remove any magnetic and non-metallic attachments.
  • Aluminum radiators with plastic ends and rubber gaskets are less valued than radiators stripped of all non-aluminum components and cleaned.













Scrap metal prices are continuously fluctuating, so Handy Magnets is a wonderful way to keep track of where they're going. Some metals are on a rising trend, while others are on a negative trend, depending on the different metals markets.

Most Valuable Scrap Metals

The heavier, rarer elements are without a doubt the most valuable metals that may be sold to a scrapyard. These metals, however, are frequently offered in much lower quantities, as you might imagine. Magnesium is rarely found in huge chunks, and it is nearly always difficult to distinguish from other metals. Given this, you should probably look for scrap copper to sell or recycle. Copper is a pretty common metal in the United States, so you should have no trouble finding it. Scrap metal recycling facilities always pay a decent price for copper, so don't be concerned about being underpaid. Dealers are eager to take this metal off your hands since it may be used for a number of applications. A good way to differentiate metals from each other is using a scrap metal magnet to determine how magnetic the metal is.

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